Baby “bump” pics…

35 wks, 2 days

35 wks, 2 days

Mrs. G, here are some of the bump AND the mommy face, just to prove it’s me!

35 wks, 2 days --- 5 weeks to go!

35 wks, 2 days --- 5 weeks to go!


Yeah, they’re called baby “bump” pictures, but I am sure starting to feel like it’s a whole lot bigger than just a “bump”!


9 thoughts on “Baby “bump” pics…

  1. Hey Beautiful Momma!!
    You are looking great…..I miss you a lot….just sayin’! Praying for you and Jerry and baby!!! Lots of love to you!

  2. So excited for you and Jerry. You’re almost there Lois! You look so wonderful girl! And we miss you lots and we’re praying for you both! Can’t wait to see you both someday, and you’re little bundle of joy!

  3. Hey Lois,
    You look great! Very excited for you guys. I hope the pregnancy has gotten better over time and that you are feeling better.
    Saying a prayer for you. Miss and love you. Take care and God bless you

  4. I am SOOOO excited!!! I can’t wait to see baby!
    Sorry to everyone who has been wondering where I am. But I have to run again. But yeah, i’m still alive, and loving school!

  5. Yes, Miss Steele… I have been wondering where you are… just yesterday! Don’t know that I still have your email anymore… Glad to hear that you’re still alive and loving school! šŸ™‚

  6. Wow! You look a little uncomfortable with that bump! Hang in there for a few more days/weeks! And then enjoy babysitting your “own” baby! But the babysitting won’t ever end šŸ™‚ The journey is wonderful!

  7. yeah, it’s final exam week, so i’ll probably disappear again. but i hope to reconnect over my lovely and long awaited Christmas break!

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