Update on life…

Life has been busy and CRAZY!!!  Jerry and Bethany have been pushing hard to get the trailer ready to move in.  And it’s nearly ready!  Just a few appliances left to hook up, a toilet to connect, and a bit of cleaning, and we can move in!  There are finishing details that are not completed yet, but they will have to wait, ’cause we need to move — NOW, before the baby beats us to it!

This weekend our church is putting on a play — For Unto Y’all — (is that how you spell it in American?  I don’t know!) — a western twist of the Christmas story.  Jerry is playing the angel Gabriel, so he’s been busy practicing his lines and his songs and is READY for tomorrow night’s first performance!  Well, almost ready.  We still need to figure out how to make his black cowboy boots white (no, snow doesn’t work, it would melt too quick!)

Speaking of snow, we’ve been getting an insane amount.  I think we’ve gotten over a foot the last 2 days or so.   Enough that I can barely make it out to main street in our little car, anyway!  And we had to cancel my Dr. appointment yesterday because the roads were terrible.  Today they still weren’t the greatest, but Jerry drove us in anyway.  We came across one car flipped over on its roof in the ditch (the man in it was fine, amazingly) and a semi in the ditch further down the road.  We were very thankful to get home safely!

The baby’s been really really quiet the last few days — the Dr. says it may be planning a move of its own sooner than we expected!  That was reassuring for this worried mama to hear.  I was just starting to get used to the kick-boxing routine going on inside of me 24/7, and then when it seemed Baby was taking up 24/7 sleeping instead, I was getting pretty worried!  It was reassuring to get the heartbeat and movements tracked yesterday, and have an ultrasound today at the Dr’s.  And if the baby decided to come early — wow, that would be an answer to prayer!  Well, as long as it doesn’t come till the play is over.  I don’t think the director of play would be very impressed if Gabriel didn’t show up!

So, that is our life in a nutshell right now.  Hard to believe Christmas is in a week!  Jerry’s family has already left home and are heading west.  Haha…I can say that my in-laws are coming for Christmas … and they’re staying till NEXT YEAR!!!!!!  lol  That cracks me up.



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