The angel Gabriel might fly, but he sure can’t ride a horse!

All last week (actually, for the last couple weeks) we’ve been joking about how I was NOT allowed to go into labour before the play at church was over, and even though the Dr. said the baby might be coming early, it was NOT allowed to come till Monday, because of the play.  If I went into labor and Jerry the angel Gabriel left with his wife and the play was ruined, the director would probably — yeah, well, we won’t say what he would do!

So it was the night of the first performance.  I was sitting in the row second from the front, being a very good good girl and NOT going into labor.  Baby was being its normal little quiet self.  All was well in our world.

Jerry the Angel Gabriel came galloping up the center aisle to a very shocked, newly-engaged Mary to “deliver you a message from God!”  My man did an excellent job of his first scene and I was very proud of him!  Ever seen an angel all dressed in a white cowboy outfit?  Pretty handsome!

So Jerry the Angel Gabriel finished delivering his news, and singing a song to convince Mary that “where I come from, we don’t cotton to that word ‘impossible’!” He went galloping back down off the stage on his white stick horse Lightening…only to hit the floor with a huge crash right at the end of my pew.  We all laughed…then the laughter died away when he didn’t get up.  Two guys ended up carrying Jerry the Angel Gabriel out.

The next few minutes were a flurry of activity in the darkness of the foyer, trying to figure out what happened, if he was ok, getting ice for his knee, grabbing painkillers and a glass of water…  It was the same knee he injured when snowboarding a couple years ago, and it periodically just buckles out from under him when under the wrong pressure.  This was the worst time yet, though — he’s always been able to get up and walk on his own right away.  With the pain he was in this time, though, he wasn’t sure he could finish out the play.

But suddenly, just a few moments later, we heard his cue music for his next scene.  Gabriel staggered to his feet, grabbed his stick horse, and painfully galloped/staggered/limped back up to tell Joseph that “while you may be good at fixing things, what you’re doing right now is breaking a young girl’s heart.” This time he didn’t tie up his horse outside the door of the carpentry shop — Lightening held up him while he talked with Joseph — and Gabriel’s voice sounded very strained!  Someone came running up to me where I was standing at the back of the church watching and whispered in surprise, “Is he ok?!”  “Nope!  I replied.  “That’s called sheer adrenaline right there — sheer adrenaline!”

To make a long story short, Jerry the angel Gabriel managed to finish out all the rest of his scenes — much to the relief of the director!  And I did NOT go into labor — Jerry was providing enough excitement!  We took him to emergency afterward, and the Dr. says he tore cartilage in his knee and will be sent for an MRI in a couple months and they’ll decide what to do from there.  In the process of seeing the Dr, who actually owns the land north of us, Jerry got permission to hunt on his land, so he thinks this whole knee thing might have actually been worth it!

The next day, after much icing of his knee, a good dose of painkillers, and a very solid knee brace, Gabriel was back on stage for the second & third showings — this time adding a little to his lines.  “Where I come from, we don’t cotton to that word ‘impossible.’  Why, where would Moses and the Israelites be if God hadn’t parted those waters?!  And think of old Daniel, when he was thrown into that corral of hungry lions!  And believe me when I tell you, those lions were MEAN!” [gesturing at his knee with the brace]!

I’m proud of my man!

Gabriel and I

Gabriel and I


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