Don’t EVER tell a pregnant woman she is less pregnant than she is

The doctor dared commit an unpardonable sin yesterday.  He said I was 39 weeks and 5 days.  I was NOT 39 weeks and 5 days — I was FORTY WEEKS EXACTLY on the dot!!!!!  You’ll all be glad to know I DID let him live, however.  But my due date is not until tomorrow.  I don’t understand how I can be my full 40 weeks pregnant on Wednesday, but not due until Friday.  Does that mean I’m already overdue on my due date?  Who knows.  All depends on whether you count forwards or backwards to get the due date, I suppose.  Oh well.  The dr. is still alive, and I’m not in jail for murder, and that’s a good thing I guess.  Whether my due date should be Wed or Fri, it’s still up to Baby Eagles to decide when to make its grand entrance!

Jerry took me for a bumpy ride in the field the other day when we all had a weiner roast on the back part of our property.  It didn’t do anything to move Baby Eagles down — he just climbed higher up into my ribs! Tonight we are going bowling with my cousin and her boyfriend — we’ve been told bowling is a sure way to start labor…along with about 600 other ways!



2 thoughts on “Don’t EVER tell a pregnant woman she is less pregnant than she is

  1. your lives are about to change forever… what precious last moments you have to spend with your honey as you await GOD’s timing for this birth… enjoy it! 🙂

    Love you much! Thinking of you a lot! Praying for you!

  2. So it’s a he now, is it? Or is that a generic term that is being employed? Either way, hope you enjoy your last moments of peace and quiet!

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