A few more things to be thankful for…

It’s 7 AM, and our little girl has been up since 6.  She does not like the idea of going back to sleep.  After all, SHE went to sleep at 11!  Mommy should have promptly gone to bed also, but SHE stayed up till 1…

So now we are in the living room, me blogging and our little girl laying on a blanket on the floor, mesmerized by the Christmas tree lights.  (there, now I have a good reason to convince Jerry keep our tree up a little longer — it entertains our little girl!)

I know this may sound strange, but I am thankful for more sleep now that Elianna is finally here in person.  Yes, she likes to wake up and scream in the middle of the night, or refuse to go to sleep, or wake up really early and think it’s time to play, but I still get more sleep than I did when I was pregnant, and I feel soooo much more rested and energetic now.  She is sleeping REALLY good at night, for the most part (so much so that I’m afraid to talk or write about it for fear I’ll jinx it! lol) and I am able to take naps along with her during the day.  Naps are something I hope I will never take for granted again.  I could not sleep during the day for the last months of pregnancy, and I usually could not sleep till around 2 AM or later…not fun!

Another thing I’m thankful for is a full-size working bladder that is no longer being used as a trampoline.  I’ll just say that life is much less complicated now, and leave it at that 🙂

And another thing I’m thankful for?  Our little angel…

2 weeks old

2 weeks old


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