And more again…

I finally got tired of the piles of clothes sitting around my room and started to pack away my maternity clothes this morning.  I laughed over one shirt that had some wrinkles in it — I’ve been meaning to iron it since September!  How pathetic!  I guess I do procrastinate really badly sometimes….

I’m thankful to be able to pack away my maternity clothes already — though I’m a bit sad, ’cause I really did like them!  I don’t have a clue how this works, but I’ve already lost more weight than I gained during pregnancy, so last week I was able to pull out my old jeans again.  YAY!!!  I was getting kind of tired of wearing the same black pair of sweat pants for 2 weeks straight (don’t worry, I washed them in between!)  During Christmas everyone was teasing me that it looked like I had ate the entire turkey all by myself — and hadn’t even stopped to chew it!  I teased them back that MY after-Christmas diet would work waaaaay better than any of theirs would!

It’s nice to be smaller again.  It was getting rather annoying feeling like a whale.  You expect to fit something or somewhere, and then halfway through realize that this just doesn’t work anymore!!! I noticed it most at church…trying to make my way through the crowd in the entryway after church…I would think that I would be able to fit between two groups and slip through to the mailboxes, but then I would find myself bumping into people on both sides.  Ooops!  Not as small as I thought I was!

I’m thankful not to be swelled up like a balloon anymore too.  I was huge after the c-section, from all the IV fluids they pumped into me, and stayed so puffy that I was afraid none of my clothes were going to fit me and Jerry would have to go shopping for me so I wouldn’t have to wear my nightgown home from the hospital!  The swelling came down a few days after we got home, and I’m thankful that it’s completely gone now.



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