I am crazy

Officially crazy. VERY crazy.

I consumed vast amount of ginger pills and milk thistle pills over the course of my pregnancy, in an effort to combat the sickness.  Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t.  Maybe some days they just helped in my head, who knows?  I really don’t care.  Even if something just makes me THINK I feel better, I’ll take it!

Anyhow…they’re not really all that cheap — at least, the milk thistle definitely wasn’t! So yesterday when I found them on sale for $4 a bottle, I grabbed 6.  And was tempted to get more, but talked myself out of it, because we just bought a house, and we are making house payments NOW, but I am not pregnant NOW, therefore the house payments come first!

But, I bought something in preparation for pregnancy.  Does that mean I’m actually planning to do that AGAIN!?!?!?  Yes, folks, it’s been confirmed.  I am CRAZY.

No, I haven’t forgotten those months and the awfulness has most definitely NOT faded like everyone said it would, though it’s been over a month now.  It still feels like yesterday.  I think I will be recovering for a long time yet.  But I guess I must be willing to try a second time, if I am already preparing for being sick!  If the second time is a repeat of the sick-for-months-on-end thing, then Jerry & I will have long talks about the merits of adoption, I think!

But enough of that.  For now, we are enjoying our little one.  Enjoying each other.  Enjoying the fact that it’s easier TO enjoy now.  Life is good, even if I AM crazy!


7 thoughts on “I am crazy

  1. It takes a whole lot more than one month for the memories of the pregnancy. Just the labor and delivery themselves take a goodly amount of time – months, if not a year… for 9 months of the sacrifices you made, it will take time – more than a month… the fact that you’re even willing to consider another child, I’m sure, is due to the most precious bundle you hold and cuddle and love… knowing that such sacrifice brought into existence this miracle of love.

    By the way – I’m still waiting for some memories of raising teens to fade… it’s not working real well… I also never want to have to teach another teen how to drive… I also never want to have to plan a wedding again…

    Don’t know when these memories will fade… I guess I’ll have to defer to someone farther down the path…

  2. Ha Ha Crazy?? No, that’s just my sensible daughter I hear! The joys of today always help us deal with past difficulties. Glad you are enjoying the journey today!! 🙂 Who knows, maybe you bought the milk thistle to donate to a future needy lady because you won’t be sick next time(s)!!! 🙂

  3. check the expiration date on those pills…even if they were on sale its not worth it if they’ll expire before you need them again…
    but i’m sure you already did that.

  4. so….

    (beware, my hubby says I’m usually getting ready to cause trouble when I start with . . .”so…”

    Wondering … which one – Miss Steele or Miss Lois – has the halo today…?

  5. I sure hope I won’t need the milk thistle…but I’ve hoped a lot of things during THIS pregnancy and not many of them turned out, so I figure it’s best to be prepared for the worst! And yes, Liz, I checked the expiry — they’re all good!

    Timothy — you can stay out of this discussion. We both know what your opinion is!

    Miss Steele, I’m tempted to tell you the same thing as Timothy! And Mrs. G, isn’t it obvious that I’M the one with the halo today?!

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