A “DUH, Lois!” moment

I’m so excited!  Tonight is our church’s turn for holding the service at the seniors’ lodge where I worked this summer.  Jerry & I have been leading the singing for these services since late fall, so he plays guitar and I play the piano.

On a side note, our time there in November was hilarious!  I’d worked there all through my pregnancy until I took maternity leave mid-November, but scrubs do a REALLY good job of hiding one’s shape.  Thus, though I hadn’t purposely tried to hide my pregnancy, not many of the seniors knew (or remembered!) that I was going to have a baby in December [December — ha! — RIGHT! … anyway … that was a rabbit trail … can you tell I’m still a little bitter about the 2 weeks late, 4 days of inducing, then c-section ordeal?!].  Suddenly I showed up late in November, holding my husband’s hand, and HUGELY pregnant.  After the service, as I went to visit some ladies, they exclaimed in total shock, “OH!!!  You got married and you’re having a baby!!!”  Yes, yes, all in one month too!  I had to laugh!

Anyway…we’re due back again today, first time since Elianna was born.  I was a bit concerned how the evening would go.  She’s usually pretty fussy during the evenings and wants to eat constantly.  I’ve played piano for worship in church already since she was born, but that was with her Grandma there to hold her and church is her sleepy/nap time [Elianna’s, that is, not her grandma’s!] so it works well.  But an evening service at the lodge?  And who would I ask to hold her?  This child is gaining weight and she is NOT light anymore, so a frail elderly person would tire out VERY quickly! And she’s so fussy I hate to burden anyone with that!

So I was a little nervous about tonight.  AND we’re getting company this weekend so I’m crazy busy unpacking and trying to get our spare room in order this week, AND we’re on for worship on Sunday, so I’ve been practicing music for that and trying to learn new songs, AND I’m working like crazy on my Health Care Aide course because I’m supposed to write my first exam in 2 weeks, AND then there’s normal life and a baby to keep up with…ahhhh!!!  Life has been busy.  Practicing again for the service tonight was making life a bit of a time crunch.

But this morning one of the ladies from the church phoned.  Our Sunday school class is wanting to get more involved with the Lodge services, and she was wondering how she could help?  Wonderful!  So now she will play piano, and I will probably sing with Jerry (much easier to sing while bouncing a fussy baby than to play piano and bounce the baby!). I don’t have to worry about finding a senior to hold her while I play piano, and don’t have to worry about her fussing and stressing someone else, and I don’t have to practice as much today, which means I can finish the spare room and be ready for company tomorrow!

God has a way of working things out…I just wish I’d realize that a little sooner, when I’m in the midst of the worrying, rather than going, “DUH, Lois!” after it’s all worked out!


2 thoughts on “A “DUH, Lois!” moment

  1. Glad it is all working out!! Now if only I could be there to hold/entertain her every time!! 🙂 It sure was fun that time–even if she did royally mess her diaper and clothes and scream at me!! I love her anyway!!

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