“We” are Three now

“We” are not just us two anymore.  “We” are three.

It is very different being three.  It’s hard when we just want to be two again.  It’s hard to find time to be two.  And even when we find time, it’s hard to put everything else aside and just focus on being “two.”  Sometimes we feel like we’ve lost  “us.”


“Two” does some back here and there.  And mostly, it’s just feelings, when we’re worried that we’ve lost “us.”  Feelings come and go.  Our love for each other does not.  We have to get a little more creative now.  And when we do get to be “two” again, we are extra thankful and enjoy it extra lots.  It’s extra special now.

It is good being “three” instead of “two.”  Two was wonderful.  Three feels complete.

/Three - April 9, 2011

Three - April 9, 2011





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