Waiting for spring…

This winter has seemed very long.  Of course, when a month of it is spent waiting for a baby to arrive, that month alone feels like at least two!  But it snowed again yesterday.  The just-before-Christmas, thick, huge flakes kind of storm.  We’ve got a couple inches of snow now, our grass that was hesitantly turning green is now buried, and nobody’s very impressed with it.  My aunt put this on her Facebook status yesterday and we all had a good laugh over it.

33% DONE……….. Install delayed….please wait……………..
Installation failed. Please try again.

I put up Christmas lights again yesterday (just the little white ones), in an attempt to make it seem a little less depressing, and this morning I played some Christmas music, trying to make it feel like yes, the snow is supposed to be here.  It’s not working, though.  I think I’ll have to put up a Christmas tree in front of my window in order to make the view outside palatable!

Someone sent this picture to me recently with the caption,

“Spring is finally coming!  The deer are beginning to move around outside!”


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