Today is a good day

June 3, 11 -- Our world at 7 AM

June 3, 11 -- Our world at 7 AM

Yes, that is what we woke up to this morning.  I didn’t believe Jerry at first, but when I finally dragged myself out of bed and stuffed my glasses on my face, I was horrified to see he was actually telling the truth, not just trying to shock me out of bed.

Seriously?  Snow?  In JUNE?!?!?!  After our much-delayed spring, and we were impatient for summer.  Now that summer is actually here and we are thoroughly enjoying the hot sunny days, this was NOT a welcome view in the morning!

But it got worse.

June 3/11 -- 8 AM

June 3/11 -- 8 AM

I decided that in order to avoid depression, I had to think of something good in this day.

AH!!!!  Maybe, just maybe, if we’re REALLY lucky, this bit of cold weather will kill our monster mosquitoes.  Come to think of it, last night was the first night of uninterrupted by mosquitoes night in a while.  AND uninterrupted by Elianna!  Sweeeeeet!  And then maybe the million little tiny baby grasshoppers I noticed yesterday will be destroyed…yes, maybe this snow could be a good thing??

But then it got worse.

June 3/11 - 8:30 AM

June 3/11 - 8:30 AM

I put my baby girl down to sleep for her nap and decided I may as well make the best of the day.  I’ve been putting off making bread for a week, since it’s been so hot, and putting anything in the oven makes the heat even worse.  But obviously, it is most definitely not going to be a scorcher today!  So I started mixing bread.

And it got worse.

June 3/11 - 9:30 AM

June 3/11 - 9:30 AM

I started thinking that maybe the snow almost looked pretty?

It kept snowing.

June 3/11 -- 10 AM

June 3/11 -- 10 AM

It was at this point I decided that, contrary to my first impressions, I actually like the snow today!

I feel like I’m getting to enjoy the “just before Christmas” days that I did NOT enjoy this past year.

…Time spent in our little home, just enjoying the coziness (we moved on Dec. 18, so there wasn’t much time to enjoy being cozy amidst the packing and pregnancy and renovating and dealing with Jerry’s injured knee)

…a house that smells yummy from baking (I most definitely did not have time for baking, or energy, and most food smells were NOT yummy at that point!),

…huge pretty white flakes (I was too busy trying to unpack before the in-laws arrived 6 days later, and trying not to slip and land on my built-in basketball when I was outside in the snow)

…a non-pregnant body that has energy (HALLELUJAH!!)

…no dashing away from my work to find My Pail

…feeling complete because our little one is asleep in bed, and “we” are “three” now — not the “incomplete two” that we felt as we neared her due date (because really, when one is so sick, and so near the end of pregnancy, you are obviously not “two” anymore and that stage was SO not fun and there wasn’t much enjoying going on)

Mmmm…yes, today is a good day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Today is a good day

  1. I LOVE the name of your blog spot “Choose Joy” and love to see how you find joy in everything in life. You are a great example and encouragement to the rest of us to do the same.

  2. Now that is seeing the positive side of life!!! You are probably (possibly) right about the mosquitos and grasshoppers 🙂 And it also reduces the risk of any more wildfires!! Hope your bread turned out! I’m sure Jerry was a happy man when he came home to that!!

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