Elianna’s Birth Story — Day 4

Day 4 – January 13/11 (I don’t believe this.  At the beginning of Jan, Rachel told me to have the baby on her birthday.  I laughed, and said no way, there was no way the baby would wait that long.  But here we are, Jan. 13.  Rachel’s birthday.  But will the baby actually come today??  I was starting to doubt it would EVER come!)

At 9am they hung the Pitocin and soon Dr Lindsay came in to talk about how Mom was running out of time. They stared turning up the Pitocin every half hour as they usually do. Mom and Dad slept for a bit until the contractions started getting quite strong and woke Mom up. Though I really didn’t want an epidural because it increases the risk of a C-section for a first time mother (or the Pitocin, OR the induction, for that matter!), I knew I didn’t have the strength go through a fourth day of labor and still have enough in me to push the baby out.  Jerry & I talked it over, and decided I needed a break – I would take the epidural.  At 12:30pm the anesthetist came and Mom was able to get some relief after many days of pain and discomfort. Mom was feeling no pain so Dad and I took turns running down to the cafeteria and grabbing some lunch.  Ahhh!  Epidurals are AMAZING!!!  No more pain, just blessed numbness.  After 3 days of labor it was a welcome and much-needed break! 

         I texted Mom & Dad to let them know that I was ok (they had come to the city for other stuff and were waiting around to meet their grandchild.  Dad texted back that he was shopping and Mom was downstairs in the hospital cafeteria!  So I sent Jerry down to bring her up.  Grandma came to visit for a while.  We watched the contractions on the monitor.  They were spiking like crazy but mom wasn’t feeling any of them, which was good. Then Grandpa came up too. They visited for a while and then left so Mom could get some rest.

Mom was checked at 2:45pm and was 6cm and by 5:45pm she was 8cm.

Grandpa went to go get some food and was gone for a long time and had all kinds of stuff with him when he came back. This apparently is very normal for Grandpa.  🙂  They settled in down the hall in the lounge, and because things actually looked like they were happening, we called your Grampy and Grammy Eagles to come from Valleyview also. 

At 7:40 the resident doctor came and checked Mom and said she was still at 8cm and that you weren’t really descending anymore.  Then your heart rate started going up.   Whenever Mom had been on monitors we had been watching your heart rate have good variability.  Whenever it was above 150 we’d joke you were a boy and below 150 we’d joke you were a girl or maybe it was the other way around… but your heart rate had been well within the normal range.  Now it was going up to 175-185 and even higher.  It even hit 200 a couple times.  This was concerning.  Dr Lindsay came in and checked you. He said your head was forming a caput, which is a swelling forming from being in the same place for too long. This, combined with the high heart rate, worried him.  He wanted to get a second opinion from Dr Mulnar but he thought that we were probably looking at a cesarian birth. The nurses began to ready Mom for the c-section.  They asked me what all I had eaten that day, so they would know for surgery.  I laughed.  I had thrown up every single thing I had eaten the whole day, except one piece of toast.  After 9 full months of sickness, this baby was obviously going out with a bang!  Dr Mulnar came in to check the situation and agreed with Dr Lindsay that a cesarian birth was probably the best way to go.  It was neat was kind of neat to have Dr Mulnar do the delivery, because he had been the Dr who delivered your Mom 23 years ago.  And by the way, your due date was the same day as her birth date too – though you definitely took your time coming and picked your OWN birth date!

By this time your Dad’s parents were there too. All the grandparents waited in the father’s lounge for you to make your appearance. There was paperwork to sign and forms to go over. Dad got some scrubs and a cute hat. Finally everything was ready and at 9:42pm they wheeled Mom off with Dad following behind.

         Jerry had to stay outside of the operating room till they had me all prepped for surgery.  They had to give me another epidural, and I was afraid because Jerry wasn’t there to hold me still and Janeya wasn’t there to breathe with me and help me stay calm while they poked something in my back that could paralyze me if it went wrong!  But the nurse (I think her name was Heidi, or Teresa?) held me very still talked to me and all went well.  Until the needle-guy asked if I still had feeling in my stomach, and if, when he pinched me, it was a “sharp” pain.  Well, at that point I couldn’t decide what was “sharp” pain, but I definitely knew I could feel it, so they decided to put me completely under.  Jen (my favorite nurse was assigned to look after the baby after the C-section!) came and asked me if I wanted the baby to have eye drops, and I said no, we already decided not to.  They put a breathing mask over my face and that is the last thing I remember. 

Mom and Dad had chosen to be surprised by your gender but had thought you were a boy.  The look of pure joy on your Dad’s face as he came back to the room carrying you was so beautiful.  “It’s a girl” He said.  He was so surprised.  The grandparents were so happy to see you.  No one was allowed to tell anyone else your gender though because Mom’s epidural hadn’t been adequate and it had been necessary to put her under general anesthetic.  Dad wanted them to wait till she knew.  Dr Mulnar said you had been facing the wrong way and your neck had been extended making it basically impossible for you to come through the canal.

Here you were now, 8 lbs 11 oz and 19¾ in — a beautiful baby girl.  Everyone was so excited to meet you.

I am so honored and blessed to have met your family and to have been a part of this special time your lives.




One thought on “Elianna’s Birth Story — Day 4

  1. Ah, the best part of the story! Elianna, you are a pure delight to everyone around you! Even before you were born you grabbed everyone’s attention. You will continue to be a blessing to others for the rest of your life!

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