Family pictures

Our happy little family of three

Our happy little family of three

We snagged Daniel & Kimberly’s specially-flew-in-from-Three-Hills one day before the wedding for a photoshoot of our own, and were delighted with the pictures he got! This is one of our favorites! Many thanks to the aunties and the uncle who made fools of themselves getting the little girl to smile for the camera!


6 thoughts on “Family pictures

  1. I love it!!!! Love Jerry’s tucked-in shirt too!! 🙂 You all definitely look happy, but who wouldn’t be–flowers, family, a cheerful little girl like that, & the Lord. I’d love a shot of this. The new photo at the top too, I can only see the bottom half of whoever the little person is. I assume it is Elianna, but can’t tell. How do I get it to show the whole photo??

  2. Haha…yeah…that’s actually the white blanket we were sitting on and we forgot to make sure it was tucked under us 😦
    And the little person picking dandelions isn’t Elianna, but one of my MDP kids. And it’s cut off ’cause WordPress won’t let me have a full picture at the top, which makes me kind of sad!

    We’re hoping to pick one of the picks Devon took and send it out to everyone as a family picture, but we haven’t decided which one yet. Grandmas could get special privileges and get two pics, though, if this one isn’t the one we choose 🙂

  3. But my header is on a setting right now where it randomly changes back and forth among 3 pictures, so it might be gone next time you’re here!

  4. I see –modern technology, eh?? Ha, when I opened up your blog, it was the top of the photo of the 3 of you, but now when I scrolled back to look at it again, it is back to the dandelions. –not that I mind dandelions, but that is funny how it switches. As to the pics, sure, I’ll take both any day!! 🙂 That would make me feel special too!!

  5. Thank you so much for taking time to share this here….. for those few of us who are NOT part of facebook!!!! My guess is that there are bunch more there!!! (Sigh) You are a beautiful family. My sincere prayer for each of you is that the Lord will shine in and through each one of you individually, and as a whole family unit. Love you a bunch!!!

  6. Haha — actually, you were FIRST to get it here, Sherry — and Facebook doesn’t have any other pics, so consider yourself special!! Will be posting more later, hopefully. Miss you and love you all!

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