A miracle…

Elianna's January baby buddy

Elianna's January baby buddy

This little guy was born exactly one week after Elianna, with a very similar story. Into the hospital on Monday, induced 4 days, finally ending with a C-section on Thursday.

When we went into the hospital for Jerry’s surgeon appointment on Wednesday (he had knee surgery 6 weeks ago) we were surprised to meet this little guy’s mom walking out of the hospital. They’d been in a car accident that day — their van had been T-boned by a truck running a red light. The van rolled 3 times, ejecting 3 of the 4 kids. Jed’s car seat flew out of the van and bounced off the truck. When it was all over, the car seat, with Jed still strapped in, was UNDER the real axle of the van. Holding up the van. Jed’s only injury was a scrape on his head, as you can see in the article in the paper

Jed’s oldest sister got caught in her seatbelt, and has injuries that have kept her in the hospital for several days. Please pray for healing for her hand, and that the infection will leave. His big brother quickly scrambled out of his seatbelt to avoid being caught in a similar fashion, and escaped from the vehicle — while it was rolling! He says he was moving very fast! Jed’s other sister stayed in her car seat, and Marielle was fine as well — as fine as one could be after an accident like that!

Could be a SUPER-strong car seat (everybody go buy a Graco!!) … or else God had a couple super-strong angels there holding up the van too! I think the latter.

Every time I hear this story being told around our community, in church, in the paper, or when I see the car seat, I can’t help but feel sick. This story could have such a different ending. We could be attending 3 funerals this week. Instead, we are rejoicing in God’s care and protection, and marveling. And I am laughing at a newspaper article that chalks it all up to “fate” in spite of Marielle clearly attributing it to God.

We are thankful Elianna’s little January buddy will still be around for her to play with!


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