Why I am a blogging failure

So, my conclusion, after spending WAY too long on the computer today trying to figure out HOW on EARTH to post the Swagbucks banner on my blog and failing repeatedly, is that I am a blogging failure. I can’t even put a banner on my blog! Can’t even post a LINK, for pity’s sake! And that, my friends, is why I have a small, tiny little blog aimed at just my friends, because I know you will forgive me for such failures 🙂
ANYWAY, I like SwagBucks a lot, and one of these days I might be brave enough to install it on Mozilla, my main browser (but I’m scared to ’cause if I don’t like it I might not know how to get it off again, because I’m not half as computer-literate as my brothers, as you can see, because I can’t even post a LINK!).

Wait a minute.  I went back to see what I wrote to you all about Swagbucks this morning, and now I can’t even FIND that post!  Well!  Thank goodness I subscribe to myself…I’ll go to my emails and copy and paste and be right back in a minute!

OK, so this is what I wrote about it earlier this morning, when I attempted a link and a banner and all the fun stuff: “So, the time has come to tell the world about Swagbucks! Swagbucks is a search engine (that isn’t half as good as Google, my little brother says, but then *I* say that Google doesn’t help you get free money, so maybe Swagbucks IS better!) that gives you points when you search, and then you can trade in those searching points for good stuff — my favorite being $5 Amazon.ca gift cards!” (or Amazon.com gift cards, Mrs. G!)

If you copy and paste this


and go there to sign up, I get extra Swagbucks, which makes me happy, because then I can order 25 pregnancy tests from Amazon for about a tenth of the price that you can buy them in the drugstore, PLUS (or rather, minus) the amount of Amazon gift cards I have thanks to Swagbucks.  Oh, did I actually say that out loud?!  Now I’m in for it!

OK, For The Record:  Pregnancy tests are good to have on hand, because when I get the flu worse than I ever have in my life (like 3 weeks ago), and then the nausea hangs on an extra 5 days, I start to get terrified — VERY terrified — that Elianna is going to be a big sister.  So I used up my one remaining $13 pregnancy test.  I figured peace of mind was worth the $13 test.  It was.  Then Jerry got the flu and HIS nausea hung on for about 5 days.  That works even better than the pregnancy test, and doesn’t cost $13, but the $13 test was already used, so now I had to get more, so I got them from Amazon because they were cheaper, AND I used SWAGBUCKS (isn’t that how we got here in the first place?  BACK TO THE TOPIC, PEOPLES!) and then they were even CHEAPER.  Dave Ramsey would be proud of me!

Dave Ramsey.  That’s another post in itself, but we’ll stick to the topic for now.

I like Swagbucks and I think you might too.




6 thoughts on “Why I am a blogging failure

  1. “…because then I can order 25 pregnancy tests…” WHAT?? IS THAT HOW MANY NIECES AND NEPHEWS I’M GOING TO HAVE??!!

    yeah, I know..just couldn’t resist 😉

  2. Maybe, if you marry into a certain family 😀

    Yeah, I know…but I couldn’t resist either, and after a comment like that, you deserved it!!!!

  3. Tim's public relations secretary, chair of the Committee for Research into Deflection Strategies, Teflon, and the Correlation Between Non-stick Surfaces and Diplomatic Responses says:

    Timothy refuses to comment because of the potential for being infected with a rare form of foot-in-mouth disease. If you would like to reach him, please contact me first. Thanks.

  4. I thought Timothy already had that rare form of foot-in-mouth disease?? He seems to be experiencing the symptoms of it right now, anyway…

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