Summer Updates, Part I

I was emailing a friend the other day, and looking back over the summer, trying to figure out what to put in and what to leave out and realized that a lot has happened this summer!

God has been very good to us.  He has answered some prayers and brought a settledness and peace that is a relief.  He didn’t answer other prayers, but through those things brought much needed rest and provided for us through it all.  Wow!

At Christmas, Jerry (a.k.a. the Angel Gabriel, but in a Westernized form, on a stick horse) jumped off the stage during the church play and injured his knee again.  Other times he’s been able to walk it off, but not this time! In March, he saw a specialist who recommended surgery and told us that if we choose to do it in summer, we could pretty much pick the date.

So at the end of July Jerry went in for surgery to fix a torn ACL (it’s a ligament in the knee that keeps it from going sideways) and torn cartilage.  This was followed up by 6 weeks of no work, and then another 2 of only light work.  God answered prayer in that Jerry did NOT go stir-crazy during those weeks, and He gave me the strength to look after him and Elianna.  I didn’t realize before how much I relied on Jerry!  Jerry was also able to rest and enjoy the time off work without feeling like he had to be out working or doing something or fixing something!  Sometimes, it’s good to have “resting” as your official job!

Since he had to take 6 weeks off work anyway, we decided to head east early for Kimberly’s wedding.  Because of that, we had time to go visit quite a few friends from school (wow, did we ever have fun with them!), and even go back up to school and visit friends AT school and on the way back from school (which led to us heading home so late all the gas stations were closed and we drove about 50 km after the gas light came on and were hoping and praying we’d make it home!).  It was wonderful to see everyone again, and we had some fantastic visits that were very timely and VERY needed!

What a crazy fun meal!

What a crazy fun meal!



How did we spend 4 days with Dave & Karrie-Anne and this is my only pic of them?!

How did we spend 4 days with Dave & Karrie-Anne and this is my only pic of them?!

Jocelyn & I and our babies

Jocelyn & I and our babies


One thought on “Summer Updates, Part I

  1. Thanks for the update! Can’t remember if you ever wrote a prayer letter for us or not, but I guess you get the feel of it now, eh??! Just what I’ve been going thru again recently. I think the writing part is done now. Just waiting for Dad’s doodlings now 🙂

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