I’m thankful for the wonderful visits we had on our eastern trip.  I tend to be more of a introvert than an extrovert, but I think I don’t realize how much I DO need people, and now much I miss my eastern friends from school.  Our fellowship with them was sweet.  So much so that my heart is still warmed when I think of those visits.

Walking along the ocean in PEI, visiting.

Catching up with Deanna and hearing her plans for the future and seeing her parents, who filled a hole in my heart while I lived in the east.

Going out for Chinese food and laughing our heads off with the crazy bunch of friends in NS — Dyson & Hope, & McTom & his wife — also known in real life as Ricky & Emily, and Mike & Laura.  Rick & Em were delighted to welcome their twin boys into the world just a few days ago!

Visiting staff members up at school…as well as some former staff members that walked with me & encouraged me through a very painful journey in my 2nd year…

Learning from some married students that I used to babysit for.  I couldn’t believe how fast their babies had grown up.  My word!  Where did time go?  Am I really THAT old?!  Our visit with them was EXACTLY what God knew we needed that day.  They were able to give us very wise advice on things we were dealing with, and laugh about it and let us know that we definitely were not alone in this!  Then on the way home we stopped to visit another married student friend of Jerry’s from freshman year.  I got to meet his family for the first time.

God got us home in spite of a gas light that came on a loooong ways from home!  I’m thankful we didn’t have to wake up my brother and beg him to come bring us gas!

I’m thankful that the flight home worked out well.

I’m thankful Jerry’s knee has healed with no complications, and the Dr. says the surgery was a success! I’m thankful God provided for us during that time when Jerry wasn’t able to work.  Partially through Dave Ramsey, actually.  Much as we hate to admit it, and grumble that he completely ruined our lives, it WAS because of what we learned in the Ramsey class that Jerry was able to take 6 weeks off work!

I’m thankful for a new job for him — one that will take him in the direction he wants to go.

I’m thankful that the harvest is off and it was fun to celebrate another safe harvest and grain IN the bins with my relatives and the harvest crew.

I’m thankful to be able to tag along with my hunting husband some days.  It’s nice not to be puking my guts out every morning…and afternoon…and evening!

God has blessed us, and we are thankful.

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