A peek into my day


* Trigger yapping outside, because he’s tied up.  He has a seriously pathetic bark for a male dog.  Sounds more like a puppy!  He’s tied up because he’s been running lately.  Our neighbour kindly brought him home for us once.  AFTER letting him into her house and feeding him and spoiling him rotten.  And then she wonders why he keeps coming back….  Seriously, some people!!!!  I think she actually wants him.  That’s how he came to us – kept running from his home, till they got sick and tired of coming to get him all the time!  Though we did NOT “wine & dine” him!

* Silence.  It’s beautiful.  The child went straight to sleep when I put her down for her nap.  It was lovely, really.



* water.  I love water.  Been drinking almost 2 L/day, usually.  That should make my sister-in-law LPN happy, I think!



* Beautiful sunshine and a bright blue sky outside.

* The sunshine makes the snow even brighter and whiter.  Winter is beautiful.  I think I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that winter is here to stay now.  It’s a little easier to stomach after our days in NB, where it was still hovering between -5 to 12 above and there’s no snow.  I feel like we had proper “fall” weather while we were there and it’s time for there to be snow now, especially since it’s December and Christmas is just over a week away.

* Toys scattered on the floor, along with books.  Elianna LOVES her books.

* A Merry Muscles jolly jumper hanging from the ceiling.  I love this jolly jumper, and would never buy any other kind.  It’s designed well, so the baby is sitting in it, not hanging, and supports the back and neck well enough that the baby can enjoy it at a much younger age than other jolly jumpers.

* My desk piled with receipts to be sorted, bills to be paid, letters to the CRA, and dog money.  We sold our last puppy yesterday, and it’s gone, HALLELUJAH!!!  Nice to be done with that, though the money was a nice bonus to all those puppies!  AND the fact that Measha is a MUCH calmer dog now.



* Burnt something….I think it’s the dried kidney bean Elianna stuck in the toaster yesterday.  I didn’t fish it out immediately, and now I’m paying for that!



* Like I really should get up and DO something – fold laundry, clean bathrooms, or sort through the piles on my desk – instead of sitting here.  What’s that saying – “Make hay while the sun shines?”  In my house it’s more like, “Accomplish lots while the child sleeps!”


Random Funny Saying I will leave you with:

“The woman who drives from the backseat is no worse than the man who cooks from the dining room table.”


2 thoughts on “A peek into my day

  1. Sweet!bhhhhhjhhhgghhbbbbcxzzghhjjjjhgcccccv. Bbbbbnnbnnnkklllkjjjjnbjnnnnnnnnnjjjjjjjjjjnbbbbbbbbbbbbvvbhhhhhhhvvvvbvvjjbvvvvvvvvbhhb. Vhhhhhbbnbbvhhhvvhcdgghhhhhhhhhhhhuhhjhhhggvb. MK b.

  2. I love it! Yes, we have so much to be thankful for in our senses!! So blessed!! I am glad you are enjoying the simple things of life too and those quiet moments. And I think Elianna comes by her love of books honestly–from her mom! 🙂 And I LOVE that joke!!

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