“Our” Christmas Day

The house is quiet, and I had words coming into my mind as I was cooking supper, so I’ll quickly write a bit before they leave!

Elianna’s having a short nap.  She slept in today and was an absolute ANGEL the rest of the day.  (Maybe she’s in competition with that angel teetering atop of our tree?!)

I made a tent for her under my computer desk and she spent HOURS today playing in it, calling it her house.  The last time she was this contented with something was waaaay back in the jolly jumper days!

Jerry’s gone to town for milk and parts for the pump that runs the aerator in our dugout.  It died a couple weeks ago, and by the time we came home after Christmas it smelled like someONE had died in our dugout!  Last night he hooked up the new one, trudged out back in the brutally cold weather, and connected it and by this morning already there was a big difference in the smell of the water!  So today I am VERY thankful for the blessing of running water, and water that usually smells pretty decent.

There is a ham baking in the oven with honey-mustard sauce dripping down over it.  Carrots swimming in the water at the bottom.  I LOVE carrots that have been cooked with ham, or in chicken-potatoes-carrots dish (Dad’s specialty).  Today’s been a lovely laid-back, relaxing day.  Jerry fixed the water cooler and it’s not leaking anymore.  Hallelujah!!!!!  I have missed having always-cold water at my fingertips.  And I will be so happy to have my counter space back and get rid of the great big jug of water at my sink!  The seal broke way back in …. August, I think?  Jerry tried to order a new one, but the cost of shipping would have been atrocious.  So then we took a load of stuff to the dump a while back he poked around in the broken water coolers section and found a seal that matched ours!  Yay!

Our smaller-than-normal tree is up and half decorated.  I think we’ll skip the balls and trinket decorations this year and stick with lights and garland.  It’s pretty even now, and I’d prefer not to hover over Elianna every time she’s near the tree!

The house is [relatively] clean after my rushed cleaning spree this morning.  I can’t function properly when it’s chaos.  And then I get grouchy.  My husband doesn’t appreciate a grouchy wife J  So I cleaned while he fixed and then we could both relax, with those taken care of.  We played a marathon Train Game after that.

It’s been a lovely day, “our” Christmas.  There’s Christmas with his family, Christmas with my family, Christmas with Mom’s side of the family, and then after all the craziness dies down, we take a day for “our” Christmas.  Opening presents, reading to Elianna, playing games, relaxing, catching up…it’s soooo nice!  It’s been an extra-special Christmas this year, teaching Elianna about what Christmas is really about.  Reading her the Christmas story, singing her “Away in a Manger”, and hearing her talking to herself in her crib about “baby born…manger…Jesus!”  It’s special to see it through her eyes.


2 thoughts on ““Our” Christmas Day

  1. Merry Christmas, my dear friend! What a beautiful job you do in describing your day and saving not just written memories, but memories to tug on all our senses! 🙂 What a sweet hubby you have! and an adorable little “angel.” 🙂 I take it that she’s taking better naps, now?

  2. So glad you guys could have a Christmas that was “yours!” I often longed for that–at least one that wasn’t rushed/sandwiched in between one or the other family Christmases. Later we finally started “drawing some lines” and then it was a little better. So glad you are enjoying those moments–glad for Jerry’s persistence in fixing things for you, creativity in figuring things out, sacrifice in digging through things at the dump and tramping through snow and cold, and enjoyment of family time and being home and looking after his wife and daughter. You have a special, wonderful husband!! I am proud of my son-in-law!! And happy he is my son-in-law!! Proud of my daughter too, of course!!! 🙂

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