Stopping to Choose Joy … Again

I’ve pretty much stopped blogging, these last few years.  Mostly because life got a lot easier when I finally finished Bible school out east.  I didn’t need to make a conscious decision to “Choose Joy” anymore, because it came much easier.  I wasn’t homesick anymore.  I was starting a new life with my man, and loving it.  We were [FINALLY!] together.  No more long-distance torture.  No more aching heart.

Then I got pregnant and super-sick and kind of stopped living for a while.

Then we had a little girl who screamed a LOT and life was a blur.

Life is still a blur, but now I have a two year old.  She doesn’t scream herself to sleep anymore (I am SO thankful that is done!) but she does find many other reasons to scream.  Apparently little ones have a sin nature!  Who knew?!  Apparently their parents have a sin nature too, because there are a lot of days * I * feel like screaming!

And as I read this post by a friend the other day, I suddenly realized that I’ve lost perspective.  The strong will of my two year old firecracker, the tiredness, the stresses at work, the everyday trials of life, the extraordinary trials of life that always come — they are looming up and I am allowing them to too much time and space.

By focusing on those things, I’m missing out on the joy that our little firecracker brings.  I’m missing the happy fact that Jerry found more of my caffeine gum, which means I CAN be tired and still survive the day, with its help.  I’m missing the simple pleasure of just BEING there for the elderly people at work.  Someday, I want someone to genuinely care about me, when I’m that old and fragile.  Today, I can be that person to make their day brighter.

Sometimes I need to just stop.  And just breathe.  And look around for the good.  For the little things that make life special.  For the little blessings God sends each day.

Blessings like puppies, which people are willing pay money for, which in turn pays for another block of school for Jerry!  And the blessing of springtime puppies, which meant Elianna could spend hours outside loving on them!

Springtime puppies

Springtime puppies

2   15:03




3 thoughts on “Stopping to Choose Joy … Again

  1. Beautiful, Lois. Thanks for the reminder that NO MATTER what happens in our days, we need to choose joy. Thank you for being that beautiful, loving, caring wife and mother. Thank you for choosing to bring joy to the seniors who are fragile and often lonely. God bless you for your ministry. — Auntie Marcy

  2. A great renewing of your mind… a refocus. I remember when I was frustrated when Joe, my firstborn, was able to open the fridge and get into things. I was talking with an older mentor who said, “My, he must have been proud of this accomplishment!” That made me see the whole situation in a different perspective. I’ve found now, as grandparents, we react to situations much differently. Instead of getting upset that Benjamin has learned how to work the squirt bottle, we laugh and set the bottle on mist (though I admit, we don’t put it in reach very often now! lol). Watching Ashley and her boyfriend argue with his 12 yr old about getting a haircut, all I can think of is “choose your battles wisely.” There are so many other important things to go head to head on in his teen years, I tried to warn them that this isn’t worth it… but alas… I’m not the parent.

    All this to say, it’s definitely a case of perspective. I wish I had been more laid back as a parent.

    • Trying to be more laid back as a parent? Jerry is good for me in that way — trying to be more laid back as a parent, and realize that my two year old is actually TWO YEARS OLD, so maybe I shouldn’t expect her to behave like she’s an adult quite yet 🙂

      > Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 21:57:25 +0000 > To: >

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