Talking to the wind? Maybe not…

Sunday’s special moment was when Elianna wanted to go up and sit with the kids on the stage steps at church during childrens’ corner.  Last time she went up she was rather a bad influence on the kids around her!  So today I told her she could go up and sit by her friend, but she had to be QUIET, and keep her hands folded The. Whole. Time.

And she did!  The folded hands stayed out of trouble the entire time!  Whooohooo, she’s actually learning something!

Some days it seems like I may as well be talking to the wind.  Other days I repeat things so many times I wish I could just record myself and hit “play” every time the same instruction was needed.

But then there’s days when I’m not feeling well and I’m lying on the couch and she brings me a blanket and “tucks” me in, and pats my head and kisses my cheek and sits beside me to sing me a “lub-a-by” and asks, “Mommy, you okay??”  And I think that maybe, just maybe, I AM doing something right after all and she IS learning in spite of the days when it all seems impossibly hopeless!

I’m thankful for my little two year old!

Here's the folded hands working during the wedding, along with a candy in her mouth!

Here’s the folded hands working during the wedding, along with a candy in her mouth!


3 thoughts on “Talking to the wind? Maybe not…

    • Lol!! Yeah…with that many kids, you must! I’ll buy you a tape recorder, so you can just hit “play” instead of saying the same thing millions of times over! Some days I wish I had “No, don’t touch that,” “put away your whiny voice and use your cheerful voice” pre-recorded. Then I think maybe I should have a recorder for all the things *I* need to hear over and over! “Be patient, she’s 2, not 12!” would be the main one!

  1. Mine are grown and sometimes I wonder if I talked to the wind for 18 years… however, I am surprised more often than not, that more stuck than I thought… I probably won’t see the full extent until I’m senile…. lol

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