Savoring Summer

Lately I’ve been savoring my evening walks at work with various seniors who need to get out but have no one to walk with them.  It’s hard to slow down to their pace (or to the pace of my 2 year old at home!). But after I’ve slowed, I start to notice the robins hopping around under the trees, and the new roses planted this spring, and all the flowers that are still in bloom, in spite of the cooler night temperatures.  I notice the blueness of the sky, and how some leaves are already starting to turn.  The warmth of the sun as it lowers in the sky, yet the chill of the night creeping in already.

Sometimes I feel like summer’s rushed past without me being able to get my fill of it.  Then I realize that maybe I just didn’t slow down enough to enjoy it fully.  (well, it DID rush past — the last 7 months of snow make the 4 of warmth seem way too short!)

So I’m trying to spend a little more time outdoors while we still have September’s warm days.  Spending less time cleaning the inside of the house, and more time cleaning up the yard in the evenings with Jerry (old farmsites have LOADS of junk hidden everywhere!), watering and pampering and loving my tomatoes in hopes of making 5 plants produce like Dad’s 170 plants!  Chopping wood.  Going for rides in The Beast to humor my husband.  (Ah, yes, The Beast.  I’ll have to post pictures of it for you all sometime!)  Going for slow walks at work.  Bike rides at home with Elianna and the dogs.  Lying on the trampoline while Elianna jumps.  Trying to store up every last minute of summer before the winter comes!



6 thoughts on “Savoring Summer

  1. ahhh. it sounds like you’ve learned a very important life lesson early in your adult years… one of our Bible college professors taught us not to waste today, waiting for tomorrow… I used to hate the hot humid weather of Michigan and as soon as spring came, I used to feel my heart & emotions get tight, bracing myself for what would be coming. I think that the year God underscored this lesson was when I was put to bedrest when I was expecting Joe. I was forced to sit in bed, looking out the window from March through June… and once a week I was able to take a ride to the dr’s office and saw spring come to life – through my apartment window and from my car window… Somehow, I learned not to waste spring because it brought summer… Not sure if I’m making any sense, but I know what I mean! lol 🙂

    All this to say, you have indeed been blessed to be able to take time to smell the roses… etc. 🙂

  2. LearnING…not learnED yet, unfortunately! I find myself dreading fall, because winter will follow it so quickly! I’m thankful for these last warm sunny days…they make parting with summer a little easier

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