Thankful posts, moving over from Facebook

At the beginning of August, both Missie & Susan nominated me for the 5 days of Thankfulness challenge that was making the rounds on Facebook.  I was a bit disappointed when the 5 days was up…I rather grew to like those few moments of consciously being thankful every day.  Earlier in the summer, Sherry encouraged had me to take note of what I was thankful for, and actually WRITE it down.  Now Rochelle nominated me for another 5 days on Facebook.  So, I thought I’d transfer over the ones I did already, over to here, and maybe keep going when the 5 days are done.  Actual writing in a book rarely happens anymore, but if I can figure out the app on my phone, this might be more handy to keep up with. 

So, here is the first batch, from the beginning of August.

Aug. 1/14

1. I’m thankful for a summer of hot sunny days (don’t any pregnant women kill me, please!) Normally I’m not a heat loving person, but after this past winter, I’ve fully converted! Soaking it all in and loving it and trying to store it up for the next winter!
2. I’m thankful for the little black kitten from my cousin Crystal. In spite of being bathed repeatedly by well-meaning 3 yr olds, tossed out of the house more than once (by me, the Allergic One), locked in the BBQ (or under a rubbermaid tub, or under the freezer baskets on the deck [all in the name of ‘saving it from the dog’]), and terrified by the dog, it still hangs around, and entertains Elianna so I can garden in (relative) peace.
3. I’m thankful for allergy meds and allergy shots that have made this my first enjoyable summer in quite a few years. I can mow lawn!!!!! (which I never liked, but after a few years of not being able to, I like it more now!)

Aug. 3/14

4. Thankful for my farmer cousin who lets us borrow his boat in the summertime. Thanks, Kyle!
5. Thankful that Jerry was willing to come pick raspberries with me this morning. He’s the best picker, because he doesn’t like fruit, so he picks ALL the berries into his pail! I pity him once in a while, but mostly I’m just happy that means more berries for me and Elianna!
6. I’m really glad that at the end of every single day, we get to go to bed and sleep. (Can you tell it’s really late and I want to go to sleep??!)

Aug 4/14

7. thankful for a garden that has waaaaaay fewer weeds than when we moved here! It is nice to see all the effort starting to pay off!
8. thankful for my long row of raspberry plants from Denise.  They are surviving, Laine didn’t spray them when he sprayed the field (I guess my threats worked), and they even produced a ton of berries, for it being their first year!  I would be thankful for my line of lilacs from Crystal too, but the MD sprayed those ones… Somebody’s gonna die……
9. thankful that in spite of living in a trailer, we actually stay quite cool for most of the day– until evening, but it is nice that the broiling hot period is short and by that point we can go outside.

Aug. 5/14

10 — thankful for no fish flies. I don’t have to pick yucky fish flies off the beans! The juice isn’t sucked out of all the raspberries! I can walk outside AND breathe at the same time! I can wear white socks without getting fishflies squished in them! I re-realize every summer how grateful I am for these small things.  Every so often I see a picture of Elford’s garage on my screen saver, and I am thankful all over again!!!  NO FISH FLIES!!!!!!  WHoooohoooo!!!!  lol
 11 — thankful for fewer mosquitoes right now. we can garden in the evening without being eaten alive. Elianna’s bites are starting to heal, and we haven’t had a mosquito-hunt in her room for quite a while. it’s been a nice respite
 12 — thankful for beautiful sunrises. I don’t see them all that often, but when I do, I always have to stop and marvel.

Aug. 6/14

13. Thankful for a job I LOVE. A job I wasn’t looking for, but had always wanted. And then God dropped it into my lap when we moved here. Still amazed by this!
14. Thankful that Jerry is done school and is a journeyman now! NO MORE SCHOOL!!!
15. Thankful for the amazing bosses Jerry has had since we moved here, for the flexibility allowed when working with small companies, and for the Christian environment he gets to work in.


6 thoughts on “Thankful posts, moving over from Facebook

  1. Oooooh, I hated my encounter with fish flies! We went to the lake, got out to enjoy the view properly and were promptly swarmed by nasty fish flies who don’t care where they land. We struggled to keep them out of the car as we got back in.

    I wonder, can we find a reason to be thankful for fish flies? 😉

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