And I interrupt my “thankful” posts for a moment of silence… maybe a few days of silence, until this melts and I can find something to be thankful about again…



One thought on “Interruption

  1. In EVERYTHING give thanks. 🙂
    It is a beautiful, refreshing, clean cover. And each flake is a display the Master’s unbelievable artwork. (Yes … There is muck and slushy wet and and and… A whole host of negatives…. Our hearts need to intentionally look for beauty… Yes….NEED…. Even in this…. Whatever “this” happens to be. My “this” and my “muck” is different … But I also NEED to be intentional about looking for beauty and His Hand in things, and then to offer thanks. I wonder if that is why He called it a “sacrifice” of praise? I needed a reminder… AGAIN. Thank you for the post.

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