31.  I’m thankful for blue sky and sun and warmth and most of all,  for green leaves on the trees.

I’m trying to consciously take extra time to notice them and soak up the greenery and the beauty that comes simply from things being GREEN.  It’s such a small thing — green leaves.   We take them for granted,  and even call them an “ugly green” once June’s vivid green fades away.  

Why do I care this year?   Because The Caterpillars are 1/4 mile from our house.   They have been systematically wiping out the color green for the last 3 years or so, moving in our direction.   This year,  they hit our property,  but stopped to cocoon halfway through.  Next spring they are going to hit us hard and my yard will be brown by mid-June.  😦  The leaves might come back,  or they might not.   No guarantee on it.  
So I am enjoying them for now.   Soaking it up.   I wonder if a poplar tree would grow in a plant pot inside?!


2 thoughts on “31

  1. Lois, the leaves will come back. At least they did at our place two years in a row. This year we had minimal caterpillars, so there is hope!

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