Thankful, 25-30…late!

26.  Thankful for so many hand-me-downs people have given us for Elianna.   The other morning, in a panic to get out the door: oh no!   I don’t have a raincoat for Elianna!   Ran out to the shed.   Back in 5 minutes with a raincoat in perfect condition.  Thank you Aunt Ann!
27.  Thankful for 6 entire hours of silence! 
28.  Thankful for friends that we can combine GP trips and appointments with so we can babysit back and forth.   We get in the appointments we need,  and the kids love the novelty of getting to play with their friends in McDonalds for longer than 10 minutes!
29.  Thankful for this amazing contraption.  My washer has been dying a slow death for about 3 years now.  I put a load of towels in this one today and WOW!  They almost felt DRY when they came out!   Normally they are still so wet that after I hang them on the line I wring them out even more,  and jump away so I don’t soak my feet.   So,  yes — I LOVE this thing!


30.  I’m thankful for my husband and daughter and the fun we can have together.   Here Elianna has conquered the daddy-monster and (with some help from Mom) tied him to the rocking chair.   Victory!



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