#44 — hand-me-downs!

Every few months,  my living room looks like this:


The sorting process drives my neat-freak side a little crazy, and I still haven’t figured out a very good storage method,  but the end result is that Elianna’s dresser is stocked for another season and I haven’t spent a penny.  

I’m so thankful for all the hand-me-downs people have given us for her!


One thought on “#44 — hand-me-downs!

  1. We love hand me downs too!!! It is like a grand shopping spree at our house when I pull out the bags or boxes of clothes that have been given or grown out of by big brothers and sisters!!! I have never taken a picture of the process….SCARY IMAGES!!! =P
    But so much fun! And YES!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR HAND ME DOWNS!

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