Thanksgiving 45-57

Written on Thanksgiving Monday:

It’s been an afternoon and evening full of laughter, much conversation punctuated by “really?! Me too!” moments, sick children (thankfully the pooping type of sick, which means diapers can save the day, [45 — I AM THANKFUL FOR DIAPERS!!! — and yes, that is in capitals for a reason!]),  good food, and did I mention good conversation? 

I’m thankful…
46 —  for friends who understand and have walked similar paths to us.  It is so refreshing and encouraging to know we are not alone in our journey!
47 — that our daughters are close in age and have so much fun playing together.
48 — that my child pooped in a toy instead of all over the living room..I think I’m thankful for that.   I’m not sure.   The toy is still in the bathtub and even though there’s no evidence left on it, I’m still not sure I can bring myself to keep it,  but it IS a much loved toy. But I just can’t erase what I saw yesterday and I’m not sure I ever want to touch it again!
49 — that their child came to tell me about it the,  ummm, situation.
50 — for laughter.   It is balm to the weary soul.  And the soul considering resigning from motherhood! 
51 — for leftover gloves I forget in my pockets after work.  They make sick-child days much more bearable!
52 — that though Jerry can’t handle the Child’s umm..offerings in her toy… he somehow was with me every step of the way when I puked for 252 days straight.  He held my head,  dumped My Pail, cleaned up after me when I didn’t make it to My Pail in time…I think God gave him superpowers for those 9 months!
53 — for a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.
54 — for time to go hunting with my husband on Sunday.
55 — for Laine & Julianne living close by.  It is a treat to have them nearby.  
56 — that the leaves have lasted a little longer this year.   I’ve been soaking in their beauty.  
57 — for my husband’s talents that thrill The Child!


Complete with lights strung in the roof!


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